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Monday, 23 February 2015


Hand-made bright yellow ceramic beads matched with electric blue crystal rondelles make this bracelet stand out. The beads are separated with antique silver metal rings which allow each bead to show its uniqueness. The bracelet is finished off with a T- bar clasp that fulfils its functions as a clasp that is easy to open and close as well as a statement piece. £18 

Czech Teeth

Czech teeth. I heard that vampires are from there. But in fair honesty, these ones are delicate. £ 17

A Key to Clarity.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock.

Zodiac - Gemini
Typical colours - creamy white to tan to rusty brown

Sandstone is a stone of creativity. It helps to build and strengthen the cohesiveness and solidarity within relationships. Encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight. Sandstone balances one’s reality and facilitates ease of movement and change. It dispels abrasiveness of character and promotes loving acceptance of humanity. Discourages bad tempers and general grouchiness.

Sandstone treats wounds and broken bones. It improves water retention and assists in the restoration of degenerative eyesight, weak fingernails and thinning hair.

I matched this Gold sandstone with Padparadscha Swarovski bicones. If you ask me, padparadscha is something between red and orange. The bracelet is on a T-bar clasp and to give it a bit of life I added a golden key charm to it. £23

Layer it up.

I had teens in mind when I made this bracelet. They love wearing layers of clothing and jewellery. This bracelet comes in three strands so each strand can be worn independently. The beads are Czech glass, the bicones Chinese crystals and the little dark blue eye is from Swarovski. Price is £18.

Genius Stone / Genius

Formerly called fluorspar, fluorite is an interesting and beautiful stone because often more than one colour occurs in a single stone. In the 18th century, fluorite was powdered in water to relieve the symptoms of kidney disease. Fluorite is said to absorb and neutralize negative vibrations. It is also known as the "Genius Stone" because it increases concentration and helps in decision-making. The pendant is Swarovski crystal. SOLD/ PREDANE

Fluorite - kamen geniusov - zvysi vasu koncentraciu a pomoze vam sa spravne roznodnut pri tazkych otazkach. Vraj tento kamen by mal byt v kazdej izbe. A ked ho mate na ruke, tak je vlastne tam, kde ste vy.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


This pair of earrings is perfect for those December dinner evenings; neutral in colour, they will match any
of your outfits. Swarovski Pearls and smoke crystals are separated by  4mm diamantee beads. These are then attached to antique silver connectors. The earwires are silver plated but can be changed for sterling silver. £12

Flowers in the Evening

I had a lot of Lucite Flowers and Black Glass pearls in my stash and I wondered what to do with them. Then I came across a  silver plated metal chain, long enough to make a bracelet, and an idea was born! Every flower has a glass pearl or a Swarovski bicon pinned in and attached to the chain. A few Indian Leaves to jazz the bracelet up and I am a happy 'camper. SOLD/PREDANE

Christmas Hearts

This pair of earrings has lovely 10mm Swarovski hearts that are attached to sterling silver pinch bails and sterling silver Lever Back Earwires. £16

Friday, 8 November 2013

Golden Times

After a long time I managed to get hold of this large oval frame for rings. I stitched Swarovski pearls and bicons throughout and I think that I have achieved the appearance of glamour in this ring. SOLD/PREDANE

Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Precious Candy Floss

Can you see the bright and cheerful colours on this memory wire bracelet? Well, these colours come from semi-precious stones. You name them, they are there. I added a little embellishment in the shape of a faux leather tassel. £20

This and That

I do not think I need to go into too much details when it comes to this bracelet as the name says it all. I only wish to add that the glass, metal, Pandora ceramic beads and the chain are all on a memory wire. £15 SOLD/PREDANE

All that Metal.

I can honestly say that I am very pleased with this bracelet. I bought two metal star-dust tubes to create something completely different. By the time I placed the order, I completely forgot what I wanted to do with them when the order finally arrived, and so for a very long time I kept looking at the tubes thinking what I exactly wanted to do with them. I know I should have put the design on the paper and by now I should know that relying on my memory is not a good decision. But hen again the original design was nowhere near as good as this current one. What do you say? £15

Italy vs Japan

Can you see what happens when Japanese Miracle beads meet Italian Millefiori beads? Well, you get these perfect earrings. One pair of earrings has silver and the other one copper kidney style earwires. Both wires are nickel free. £10

The Tip of the Tongue

I always try to name each piece of jewellery that I make but at the moment the name for this bracelet is at the tip of my tongue and I cannot utter that word. Perhaps the name will come soon but in the meantime I would like to tell you that this bracelet is a real gem. Five strands of 3mm genuine leather in dusky pink runs through two hearts and a metal charm on which Swarovski clear crystal eye is attached. The leather strands run into a very secure magnetic clasp. SOLD /PREDANE

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Half metal and half genuine leather create this charming bracelet. SOLD/ PREDANE

Smoke and Black

Another of my Shamballa crosses but this time with Swarovski pearls, smoke crystal quartz beads and separated with diamantee beads. £20

A Little Keepsake

I named this bracelet 'A Little Keepsake' because it is something that one will keep and cherish.
It is made using geunine leather in salmon pink onto which I added hot pink metal tubes. Swarovski heart pendant emphasizes a romance. The bracelet is finished with a T-Bar clasp in shape of a flower and a leaf. £17

All in Brown

This is a simple, genuine leather bracelet in dark brown with a magnetic clasp as a focal point. £18

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cross and Hook

Black braided leather bracelet with a metal silver plated cross and a hook as a clasp. The clasp can be easily changed to a magnetic one or any other clasp that you prefer. SOLD/ PREDANE

Friday, 9 August 2013

A Swallow

I think that green goes with everything and while it does, sometimes green can be a little bit sad looking and that is why I decided to use two shades of green pearls, separate them with green diamante beads and then I attached the antique metal swallow. NOT AVAILABLE

Hearts of Glass

This is a very unusual necklace. I threaded an elasticated band through a bronze chain and then shrivelled the chain down. I attached lots of colourful glass hearts and Swarovski bicons.The result is stunning especially when the sun shines on the glass beads - they give out the most beautiful light and sparkle. The necklace has adjustable length as I used a lobster clasp. Matching earrings available. Eur 25

The Japanese Sun

I know there is only one Sun but this one is Japanese because the beads used in this necklace are called Japanese Miracle Beads. I matched them up with yellow glass pearls and gold metal Bali style beads. The necklace is finished off with black faux leather as not to overload with too much yellow. £15

Leather, Spikes and Crystals

I made this necklace after I was left with a strand of flat genuine leather, a short chain and a few spikes. All it needed was a few black crystals so I went with the Swarovski choice. I love asymmetry but my husband advised to keep the crystals in a symmetrical order. SOLD/PREDANE

Peace, Love and Laughter

A few strands of genuine 3mm black leather decorated with metal charms and joined into a metal tube where a lobster clasp is attached. £22

Keep Your Hair On

I love leather bracelets. They are timeless and funky. This bright orange genuine leather with hairs is no exception. The clasp is magnetic - belt like. £25

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A Bed of Roses

I will lay you down in a bed of roses... as the song goes. This bracelet is haf metal and half faux suede where you can choose any colour you like. Eur 20

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The White Ship.

White braided bracelet on a memory wire has got Swarovski eyes attached to either side. £30 SOLD/PREDANE

Available in other colours. Moznost inych farieb.


This is nappa bracelet in red where I used silver plated magnetic knot clasp. The bracelet comes in many colours so if red is not your colour, there are other plenty to choose from. £20

The Variety.

Last night I started to work on 5 projects but managed to finish off only this pair of earrings. Czech ruby glass and Swarovski Pearls are hanging from silver plated metal chain. £6

Vcera vecer som zacala pracovat na patich dizajnov, no dokoncila som len tento parik nausnic. Ceske sklo a Swarovskeho perlicky visia na kovovej potstriebrenej retiazke.


This is such a chunky chain but I love it. I could have hung more spikes but instead I put a metal heart onto it. That heart has three Swarovski little crystals glued on. Simplicity at its best.SOLD/ PREDANE

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rain Drops

I am not sure what to say about this necklace apart form that I love the look of it. It took me a long time to make as precision was required to cut the small chain in such way that the spikes give the V look when worn. The main chain is rather chunky but the lightweight small chain and the spikes give the necklace this elegant and delicate look.SOLD/PREDANE

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Semi-precious stone Karneol and bean like earwires are the components that make this beautiful pair of earrings. £8

Hot Pink Leaves

 I like to work with lucite. When I was making these earrings I did not want to overdo them. I wanted them to be simple. They are a bit hot on the colour so I added 4mm green glass beads to live them up a little bit. £5

Purple Leaves

I think the fact that I like purple must something to do with my age. I remember my Granny liking lilac and not only the colour but also the smell of wild violets. I made this pair of earrings in her memory. I used crystal quartz beads, Japanese miracle beads and lucite leaves. The earwires are nickel free. £5

Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Three Charm Necklace

This funky necklace with made using silver foil glass beads and Tibetan style metal beads pinned to a bronze chain. Tassels are very much in at the moment so I added a bronze heart, angel wing and a key as a charm. SOLD/PREDANE


Since spikes are very much in fashion I used them in this pair of earrings. Some people say that I should use skull beads instead of simple beads. I will if customers ask for it. For the moment, I will leave skulls to skulls. SOLD/PREDANE

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Speckled Ballerinas

These black oval glass beads with speckles of blue, maroon, and gold have got a fine chain attached to jump rings. I chose closing earwires which add the evening elegance that every lady hopes for. Mesmerising. £10

The Little Black Earrings

This pair of earrings has fire polished Czech glass hooked onto a silver plated chain. The earrings are finished of with crystal quartz teardrops. The earwires are silver plated and nickel free. SOLD/PREDANE

Monday, 10 June 2013


This is a dark brown 4mm genuine braided leather with a silver plated knot magnetic clasp. This clasps can be used on a bracelet of colour of your choice. The price will vary depending on the amount of leather used. This particular piece costs £10

Belt it up.

There are so many colours of this 4mm braided genuine leather bracelet as there are clasps. It is up to a customer to tell me what they like and I will make it. This particular customer likes dark brown and she loves this clasp and the Swarovski sparkle on it. SOLD/PREDANE

Clear Eyes.

'Clear Eyes' genuine braided leather bracelets in black and dark brown, with Swarovski crystal eyes. It is possible to make this bracelet in different colours with different eyes. SOLD /PREDANE

'Jasne oci' naramok z pravej koze v ciernom a tmavo-hnedom prevedeni so Swarovskymi krystalmi pre jedneho elegantneho gentlemana podla poziadaviek. Takyto naramok je mozne vyrobit v inych farbach s roznymi farebenymi 'ocami'.